OBSOLETE as of Kinja 1.2. Sorry. :<

A new commenting schema is on the horizon, and while well intended, at present it suffers from considerable setbacks in UI; there's really no excuse for a page to reload just to view a different thread. What to do? You could use the 'view all comments' feature, but that leaves you with a mighty wall of text with little context of the discussions taking place!

Fastja! makes finding discussions easy.

The main page (pictured above!) summarizes groups of threads with a header that makes total favorite count and replies readily visible; you can also switch to author-view to see total favorite count and posts made by author. Once you see something something worth investigating, click the colored header to view all items in that group.

In-Group View

Using Fastja

First thing's first: click the 'Load Replies' button in the lower-right; this button will only appear if you're using the new commenting schema. To switch, just click the 'Switch To New System', and you can even use 'Switch To Old System' if you ever change your mind.


Loading should be reasonably brief, but can take a minute or two if the volume of comments is particularly large.

Okay, so you've loaded. Now what? Well, if you want to go back to the main page, just click the white space, but if you want to investigate some of the participants replies, read on!

There's more going on here than meets the eye; this entry itself is a UI device! Here's how to use it:

In Thread Mode:

  • Click a user's name to immediately jump to that user's thread!
  • Doubleclick a user's name to view only that user's posts;
  • Click a reply-to name to narrow down response by that user;
  • Doubleclick a reply-to name to view all of that user's posts too;

In Author Mode:

  • Username's click and doubleclick functionality is swapped!

... and click any item to expand it; they're clipped by default to condense space!

Got it? Good.
Confused? That's okay, it'll all click when start using it.


Okay, so you've seen how you can sort by thread or author, and how you can easily navigate between them, but there's more ways to filter the mountain of data; here's a rundown of all of them:

  • Annotation: View all entries that contain annotations; (image-selections, passage selections)
  • Images: Because reading is boring, see each and every post that has an image;
  • Video: Because photos are boring, see each and every post that has video;
  • Favorites: Because vi—- whoops; ahem!: See all the posts the community seems to think are stellar!
  • Starless: View the decidedly less stellar entries yet to be favorited, and maybe star a few yourself!
  • Singleton: If an author only made one post, it goes here (otherwise it really clutters up the main page!);
  • Unapproved: Where the unloved often go; help a brother out and lend a star!

Starring and Replying

Let's get the bad news out of the way: you can't click to favorite or reply.
The good news is it's pretty easy to get to where you can: Go back up and look at the example entry. Handsome isn't it? Doubleclick the avatar to open that user's replies in a new window in Kinja; I think you can take it from there.


You need a Greasemonkey compatible plugin for your browser of choice, the script, and enough knowhow to install it; I can walk you through installation in the Tampermonkey, which is the version for Chrome:

Paste the script here and save with Control/Command+S. That's it.

Get Fastja!

Fastja! can be copied from here: http://pastebin.com/mDKYnRCS
(Use the 'RAW Paste Data' at the bottom of the page.)

Known Issues

  • Slower than I'd like it to be;
  • Aggregate favorites/replies glitches out on few-letter usernames;
  • Script often fails to operate approaching 1000 replies;
  • Timestamps on occasions fail to load, this is entirely due to how Kinja handles replies;

Wrapping Up

How's that for a nice little Christmas gift? I hope it's useful to you! If something goes wrong, or you want to sing Fastja!'s praises, leave a comment! The more I hear from you the more likely I am to keep working on it.


Merry Christmas!
^(I actually tried to go add some cheesy CSS effects to this, but while it'll view in the editor, it won't view on the published article; Kinjaaaaaaa~~~!)